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Issa Rae is finally entering the world of nail art. The star's manicurist Eri Ishizu posted a picture of her nails on her Instagram Stories, and the design is both elegant and trendy, which sounds like Rae in a nutshell.

The manicure starts with a neutral base color, but instead of the quintessential french-manicure design at the tip, she decided to do a "side tip" in a striking neon-green color. To take the design even further, a gold-chrome swirl was added below the side tips, incorporating yet another trend into the stunning manicure.

Rae has typically kept her nail looks simple, opting for single-color manicures in reflective chromes, deep burgundies, and neutral beiges, so her choice to not only try such a bold color but pair it with some nail art is a big deal. This manicure certainly fits in with the dopamine nail trend where the wearer chooses colors and designs that bring a rush of joy - like a hit of dopamine - when they look at their nails.

Here's hoping Rae will continue to provide trendy nail inspiration for our mood boards with her future manis. Take a closer look at Rae's nails below.

Image Source: Instagram user @erierinailz

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