It's officially August, which means that most locations around the world are experiencing melt-your-face-off kinds of heat. If you've spent the last few weeks frantically googling "Does sweat-proof makeup exist?" don't fret - we're here to help. As beauty editors, our inboxes are consistently flooded with beauty's latest and greatest, and we've spent the last month testing out all of the newest summer launches in the hair, skin, makeup, body, and fragrance categories.

Brands have been dropping spanking-new products that are sure to help you beat the heat. We've found SPF products that will protect you from the sun's scorching rays, hair treatments that will smooth frizz no matter how humid it is outside, and moisturizers that will keep your skin hydrated even in the driest of climates. To make it easier for you, we've tested hundreds of beauty products that are dropping this month and compiled an editor-vetted list of our absolute favorites.

Whether you're just looking to update a few products in your skin-care routine, seeking out makeup in brighter hues to match your warm weather outfits, or just want to be "in the know" when it comes to all things beauty, there are plenty of new launches for your to feast your eyes (and hopefully your hands) on. Keep scrolling to check out the picks that have landed permanent spots in our beauty bags.

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