• People are having fun incorporating the evil-eye symbol into their nail art.
  • It looks complicated but is actually a very easy design to do at home.
  • Ahead, check out fun evil-eye nails to get this year.

Whether you call it the ayn al-hasud, malocchio, nazar, or evil eye, you're probably familiar with this symbol, because it's having a serious moment. Sure, you can wear it in jewelry form, but evil-eye nails are so much fun. There's no better time to put a seasonal twist on your nails by embracing new designs and bright colors.

Everyone from celebrity manicurist Miss Pop to DJ and entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman has been seen wearing an evil-eye manicure at one point or another. While it may look a little daunting to execute at home, don't be scared. Evil-eye nail art is actually pretty easy to re-create at home using nail-art pens and a simple dotting tool. You can have fun with different designs and colors, or go the classic route as a good-luck charm.

This trend isn't going to fade anytime soon, so get inspiration for evil-eye nails ahead.

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