Do your veins appear to be green and blue (or don't show at all)? Does silver jewelry complement your skin tone as much as gold jewelry? You might have a neutral undertone. If you're not sure or want to double-check, this quiz will help you discover your true undertone.

Those with neutral skin tones have both yellow and blue hues in their complexion. This means that you are neither warm-toned nor cool-toned; rather, you fall right in the middle of the spectrum. So, what shades and colors go best with your neutral undertone? Pretty much every color and shade of the rainbow, whether it's a warm, sun-kissed bronzer or an iridescent, duo-chrome purple and blue.

If you want a makeup routine that suits your neutral skin tone, we found lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, complexion products, and more that will be your new essentials. Shades that will look great with your complexion include true reds, nudes, neutrals, mauves, dusty pinks, shimmering champagnes, mints, and blues. On the hunt for makeup that complements your neutral skin tone? Shop our top picks ahead.

- Additional reporting by Emily Orofino

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