It's always fun to get a glimpse at the products celebrities use, and Hailey Bieber just gave us a front-row seat to her full makeup routine. While on the road for husband Justin Bieber's "Justice" tour, the model shared a two-part get ready with me video on TikTok. She went step-by-step through her daily beauty regimen to go explore Chicago, which she said is one of her favorite cities.

Bieber's makeup routine features nine steps, but she starts the video by applying a mystery vitamin C serum (perhaps from her upcoming Rhode Beauty line?). "This is a vitamin C sample that I've been testing for the last couple of weeks, and I really love it," Bieber says. Then, she applies a generous amount of moisturizer for hydration.

Once those two final steps of her skin-care routine are complete, she moves on to makeup. To see exactly what products Bieber uses in her daily makeup routine - and how much they cost - keep reading. (Spoiler: her routine totals a cool $380.)

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