If you have sensitive skin, you've likely been recommended Tatcha before. Since its creation in 2009, the beauty brand has amassed a devoted clientele thanks to its gentle products and luxurious packaging. Now, Tatcha can now be found in Sephoras across the globe, generated an estimated $70 million in sales in 2019, and has even ventured into the cosmetics realm with a few lip products, face primers, and powders.

Tatcha is explicitly inspired by traditional Japanese beauty traditions. Founder Victoria Tsai met a modern-day geisha while visiting Kyoto and was struck by her simplistic skin-care routine. Suffering from dermatitis at the time, Tsai wondered if she might be able to apply some of those learnings to her own routine. In her research, she determined three highly effective natural ingredients that are now present in nearly every product she's created: green tea, red algae, and rice bran.

She told POPSUGAR in an interview, "There's a rule in Tatcha that you cannot launch a product and you can't show me an idea for something unless it's anchored in a true story. Every piece of our collection is actually a little piece of history."

If you've tried the brand, chances are you have a favorite product. Tsai's, for example, is the Silk Canvas Primer ("because it was so hard to make," she says). This year, one standout was the Texture Tonic, which won a 2022 POPSUGAR Beauty Award. But the love doesn't end there. Keep scrolling for our editor-approved favorite Tatcha products.

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