As if knowing how to sell multimillion dollar houses in one of the most competitive real-estate markets in the country weren't enough, it's abundantly clear that the cast of Netflix's "Selling Sunset" could also moonlight as makeup artists and hairstylists.

"I love to experiment," Mary Fitzgerald, who stars on the show, tells POPSUGAR. "If you could see my house . . . even in my gym, I have this extra cabinet that is full of products." Her beauty stash is so overflowing that her husband, Romain Bonnet, is constantly begging her to scale back.

Clearly, she's putting that expansive collection of hair and makeup products to good use, because she - along with the rest of her costars - is always dressed to the nines on TV. Most of it is her own handy work, too: while many of the women get their makeup and hair professionally done before filming, Fitzgerald prefers to do it herself. "Once I would go back and watch, I'm like, 'Oh, I should put in more effort,'" Fitzgerald says. "I mean, I feel like I do it pretty well, but when you're on camera, there is a difference. But I feel like it's a reality show, so I just keep it real."

Her glam skills are entirely self-taught with a little help from YouTube tutorials to learn how to properly contour. "I actually want to look into it and master it, because we do it every day," she says. "Why not do it perfectly?"

Ahead of the season five premiere on April 22, Fitzgerald is walking us through her entire beauty routine and the products she (and Bonnet) can't get enough of. Keep reading to get a peek into her full makeup and skin-care regimen.

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