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Ava Max has fully embraced the spirit of New York Fashion Week with an entirely new hair color to prove it. The singer and songwriter posted a video on Instagram showing how she transformed her classic blond hairstyle, and her fans were hanging on to every second in anticipation of the final reveal.

Max first revealed that she cut her "Max cut," which is what she calls her signature look that features a shoulder-length bob on one side of her head and long, flowing hair on the other. Her hairstylist then bleached her hair, added red hair dye, and finished the transformation with an additional haircut. In a follow-up video, Max reveals a voluminous red lob with layers. While she has never shied away from being daring with her hairstyles, this is the first time we've seen her with red hair.

Max joins celebrities like Billie Eilish, Florence Pugh, and Rihanna, who have all dyed their hair in 2022. Though we don't know if this color is here to stay, we do know that red hair and Max are the incomparable duo that we didn't know we needed until now. Take a look at Max's new haircut below.

Image Source: Getty/Jamie McCarthy

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