• Waterfall braids are one of the prettiest hairstyle trends.
  • Contrary to popular belief, this style is surprisingly easy to DIY at home.
  • A pro walks us through an easy waterfall braid tutorial with step-by-step pictures.

Out of all the amazing hairstyles filling up our Pinterest feeds these days, intricate braids tend to be the one style that stops us in our tracks most often. The specific look we've been wanting to learn the most, however, is the waterfall braid. This romantic braid has a whimsical feel with draping pieces that make it appear to be more challenging than it really is - and we want to prove how easy the style is to DIY.

Don't believe us? We asked hairstylist Olivia Halpin to break down exactly how to do a simple waterfall twist that we promise you can easily pick up at home. The best part is you're meant to wear the braid with the rest of your hair down, so you don't have to fuss with trying to make a ponytail look good, too. Just keep reading to see our step-by-step tutorial.

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