• There are a ton of new beauty launches on the horizon for 2022.
  • We asked editors to share the best new products they've tried so far.
  • Shop options in the hair, makeup, skin-care, and fragrance categories.

When it comes to New Year's resolutions, some people like to focus on physical fitness, while others set professional goals. Us? We like to keep our intentions strictly beauty-related. At the top of our list are things like "uncover as many new brands as possible" and "try a new graphic eyeliner look," and to help us get there, we're eyeing the new beauty products launching in 2022.

The new year may have just begun, but 2022 is already brimming with solid new formulas for every preference and need. Whether that means mastering a technique that you saw on TikTok, revamping your routine with all new products, or making the switch to a minimalist routine once and for all, the possibilities are endless - as long as you have the right tools at your disposal. The collection of beauty innovations to come in the new year are a healthy mix of hair, makeup, skin-care, and body-care products. Looking to give the new "skinimalism" trend a try? Check out the many new vitamin C serums to come. Want to see if the hair-rollers hairstyle everyone keeps talking about works for you? You'll want to stock up on shine-enhancing hair oils and volume-boosting shampoos and conditioners to get the look.

To discover the best new beauty products coming in 2022 according to our editors, keep scrolling.

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