• We trust dermatologists with all of our biggest, most complex skin-care questions.
  • Dermatologists know more about skin care than anyone else in the business.
  • To help you keep your skin in check, we asked eight top dermatologists to share their winter routines.

There's no one we trust more with our most burning skin-care questions than a dermatologist. They spend all day treating their patients' skin-care concerns and recommending treatments, so it's safe to say they know their stuff.

With winter - otherwise known as the particularly challenging season for anyone with dry or sensitive skin - coming up, we were curious to find out what they personally use every day to keep parched, flakey, and irritated skin away. As experienced beauty professionals, dermatologists are able to sift through the noise of the industry with ease and find the products that really work. After all, they're motivated by ingredients and science, not passing trends.

With access to the best of the best facials, peels, prescriptions, lasers, and professional-grade products, you can trust that when they say a product works, they really mean it. However, it's a common misconception that dermatologists only use expensive, prestigious brands in their morning and nighttime skin-care routines when in fact, they love a good drugstore beauty product just like us.

Ahead, we asked eight top dermatologists to share their winter skin-care routines and you may be surprised by the popular - and affordable - products that made the cut.

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