Close your eyes and think back to any special occasion in the 90s. Then, picture the hairstyles that the people in your lives were wearing. Now open your eyes and answer this question: was the hairstyle a french roll, yes or yes?

The french roll is an elevated updo that has been an iconic hairstyle in the Black community, with Black women flocking to the look in droves for special occasions like weddings or graduations in the 90s. The style begins by gathering a ponytail and twisting the ends of the hair before twisting it at the back of the head. Then, you "roll" the section into place and secure with bobby pins or decorative hair accessories to finish the look.

As are most trends from the 90s and early 2000s, the style is re-emerging in 2022; however, there are now numerous iterations of the design that look just as chic as the original but have been modernized to fit today's aesthetic. People are dressing up the french roll with everything from curls to braids, and even specialized hair accessories, to give the classic a fun twist - and allow you to recreate the style without looking like a carbon copy of your mother.

Click ahead for some inspiration on how you can transform the look into a chic 2022 masterpiece - and don't forget to document the end result with a photo. (You know, time capsules and all.)

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