• Don't let the look of these innovative heat-styling tools scare you away from giving them a try.
  • Hot tools are often expensive, but these TikTokers swear they're worth every penny.
  • Most TikTok beauty reviews are candid and unfiltered, so you can trust these truly are the best heat-styling products out there.

TikTok has put us on to so many new things - new recipes, music, DIY projects, makeup hacks, and, most of all, new products. Every time we open the app, we somehow end up on Amazon shortly after with at least five things in our cart. (True story.) We have the skin-care experts, makeup artists, hairstylists, and incredibly talented beauty enthusiasts who moonlight as such to thank for this - not that we're complaining or anything.

Although we could never grow tired of makeup dupes and affordable skin-care finds, there's nothing like finding a new game-changing, or routine-changing, TikTok-famous hair tool. Hot tools are typically expensive, so it's nice to know that your money is being well spent, and if there's one thing TikTok is good for, it's completely candid and unfiltered reviews.

Don't let the look of these innovative - and in some cases, kind of weird-looking - heat styling tools scare you away from giving them a try. The videos and their thousands of likes and comments speak for themselves - these are the most popular hair tools on TikTok.

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