• The "broom" haircut, otherwise known as the "broomstick," is a type of bob.
  • The short hairstyle is a one-length bob that lacks movement or any swinging.
  • There's a particular way to style a broom haircut to give it that stiff look you want.

There are benefits to taking your hair shorter no matter what season it is. In the summertime, short hair allows for easy styling; in the winter, it keeps knots at bay and makes wearing a scarf easier. But if you're someone who likes to wear your hair short year-round, the styling options can start to feel a bit limited - or so you thought. There are plenty of spin-off styles that are similar to the classic bob but with a twist, like the "broom" haircut.

"A "broom" bob or "broomstick" bob is a specific type of one-length bob that rests at least an inch or so beneath the chin," Devin Toth, a hairstylist at Salon SCK in New York City, told POPSUGAR. "It has almost no angles and isn't styled in a way that 'swings.'" It also has no layers so the entire haircut forms a straight line. Unlike your typical one-length bob that allows for lots of movement, the "broom" haircut appears stiffer and more rigid - but in a good way.

Styling a "broom" haircut is a bit different than styling a regular "swingy" bob. Toth recommended using a blow dryer and a flat boar bristle brush, like the Raincry Condition Large Pure Boar Bristle Brush ($120), with some mousse, like the Shu Uemura Awa Volume Volumizing Mousse ($41), "to give it thickness, texture, and substance." Using a flat iron isn't ideal as it condenses hair and gives it a "limp, swinging, non-broom-like effect." It's the sharpness of the broom haircut that's responsible for that bold, take-charge look.

Ahead, get more inspiration for the broom haircut.

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