If Know Beauty sounds familiar, it's probably because the brand's founders are Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer. It's a skin-care line that examines your skin health holistically by looking at lifestyle factors and genetics. The brand wants its users to stop the haphazard trial and error and think about skin care in a smart yet simple way catering to your own needs. The product line has a gentle approach to treating skin concerns while still incorporating actives. It joins the ever-growing list of celebrity-owned beauty brands, and I was very intrigued to try it out.

Ever since I saw her sing her heart out in the premiere of High School Musical, I became an instant Hudgens fan. I can still belt out "Start of Something New." However, when she opened up about her journey with acne, it made me adore her even more. I dealt with acne as a teen and still do now. As I was scrolling through the site, the Bubbling Oxygen Mask ($22) piqued my interest, plus it was perfect for the drier months. Once I discovered that it was part of Hudgens's routine, I knew I had to test it out. Keep reading for my in-depth review.

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