• Lizzo shared her weekend self-care routine in a video on TikTok.
  • The singer gave us a peek at all of the products she uses in her skin, hair, and body routine.
  • Her routine includes a $125 toothpaste gifted from RuPaul.

Lizzo is the queen of TikTok - from dancing challenges to cooking videos and updates on her splits progress, we could scroll for hours on her profile. On Saturday, Nov. 13, Lizzo dropped her weekend self-care routine from start to finish and the products she uses in each step.

The "Rumors" singer starts her day by washing her face using a cleanser from Sunday Riley and then moves on to the rest of her skin-care routine, complete with a little gua sha. She then brushes her teeth with what a commenter called "the fanciest toothpaste I've ever seen," and coming in at $125 a tube, we have to agree. "Rupaul gifted it to me 🥺," was Lizzo's explanation for the luxury toothpaste.

The rest of Lizzo's routine goes as follows: shower, body care, hair care, and get dressed (in a matching pink Fabletics workout set). She then drank a glass of warm water with lemon, prayed, had some coffee, and went to yoga. Sounds like a pretty good Saturday, if you ask us.

To learn about every product Lizzo uses in her self-care routine, keep reading.

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