There are two equally common and valid ways to apply eyeshadow: with your fingers and with brushes. Don't get us wrong, we love the resourcefulness of blending on pigments with your fingertips, but there's just something so nice about having a makeup kit stacked with all of the best eyeshadow brushes to help you pull off Instagram-level eye makeup looks. From fluffy blending brushes to flat, dense brushes designed to pack on cream formulas, there are a handful of eye-makeup brushes that everyone should own to take their makeup game to a whole new level.

When it comes to brushes - and makeup products in general - it never hurts to be stacked with the essentials. Think of an artist: they keep bins upon bins of tools on hand to create their masterpieces, and we think makeup should be treated in a similar fashion. The staples that every collection should contain include a variety of blending brushes, a fine-tip eyeliner brush, a couple of flat shader brushes, an angled crease brush or two, and a stiff dome eyeshadow brush. And the more you have, the less you need to wash your eyeshadow brushes between each use.

Whether you're a bona fide vlogger with a fully stocked tool kit looking to add some new options into the mix or a makeup beginner starting from scratch, we rounded up the best eyeshadow brushes to buy for sweeping and blending pigment across your eyelids ahead.

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