• Knowing when and how much to tip for different beauty services is hard.
  • The standard 15 to 20 percent rule applies in most cases but it can change under different circumstances.
  • This guide will help you know how much to tip for a facial, hair appointment, lash treatment, and more.

Booking yourself a beauty appointment is exciting, but navigating some of the minor details that come with trying out a new service can make the experience a little stressful. There are a lot of mysteries surrounding beauty services - like how much they actually cost and just how naked you should get for a treatment - but there's no need for tipping to spark any confusion.

The standard 15 to 20 percent rule applies in most cases, but given that beauty treatments can range in price from just $25 for a manicure to thousands of dollars for laser hair removal, you don't want to base your tip on a guess. There are also additional factors to take into consideration, like repeat follow-up appointments and seeing multiple professionals during one visit, like you often do at a hair salon.

To shine some light on tipping etiquette and best practices, read what the experts themselves have to say about just how much you should tip for a haircut, a facial, a manicure and pedicure, a laser hair removal and waxing session, lash extensions, and more.

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