• There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a new hot tool or hair straightener.
  • Flat irons come in varied plate sizes, so you'll want to consider your hair length and texture.
  • There is bound to be the best hair straightener for you on this list, no matter your budget or hair needs.

Straightening your hair might take work, but seeing the sleek, smooth, and shiny results can rival the feeling you get from a salon-quality blowout. Possibly the only thing more time consuming than the actual task of straightening your hair, though, is selecting the perfect hot tool for the job.

The available options of flat irons on the market are vast, and there are multiple things to consider when searching for the best hair straightener for you: you have the different hot-tool sizes, ranging from as small as half an inch to as big as two inches wide; the various performance claims, like the ability to boost shine or prevent heat damage; and, of course, let's not forget price. So how do you choose?

To help you find the best hair straightener for your needs and budget, we've rounded up some of the top-rated flat-iron tools available, from the new Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener to the budget-friendly favorite Conair InfinitiPro 2-in-1 Styler.

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