• Rosalía has two known tattoos.
  • The Spanish singer doesn't talk about the meanings behind her ink often.
  • The tattoo on her thigh represents being a feminist.

Some celebrities are very open about their tattoos and the meanings behind them, like Dove Cameron, who's talked about her ink in multiple interviews; others are a bit more private about the subject, like Rosalía. The Spanish singer has a small collection of body art but she rarely talks about it.

Rosalía has two known visible tattoos so far. The most noticeable one is on her foot and it can be seen during many of her red carpet appearances. Her lesser-known piece of ink is on her right thigh and can only be seen when she's wearing shorts or a dress, or in swimsuit photos, which the "Lo Vas a Olvidar" singer posts on her personal Instagram page. According to The New York Times, Rosalía's thigh tattoo is a garter belt, and it's "a replica of the one that the Austrian feminist performance artist Valie Export gave herself onstage in 1970."

Rosalía proudly considers herself to be a dynamic feminist and she likes to express herself as such through different elements of beauty. She previously told POPSUGAR that the nail-polish shades she created in her collaboration with MAC Cosmetics are "a symbol of power and strength - of radical and extreme femininity."

Get a closer look at Rosalía's tattoos ahead.

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