• Bath & Body Works has a robust fragrance lineup, and each scent fits a different beauty vibe.
  • Some scents are warm, while others are light and fruity.
  • From fan-favorites to new launches, you'll find the perfect Bath & Body Works scent for your zodiac sign in this guide.

Bath & Body Works has a ton of fragrances in its lineup, and the brand is constantly coming up with new ones. That can make narrowing down which one of the brand's scents you should make your signature can seem like an impossible feat. But outside of testing every product you see on the shelves - which would take you ages and cost a pretty penny - an easier (and much more enjoyable) way to nail down your signature Bath & Body Works scent is to consult the stars.

Astrology is what many people rely for a lot of life's decisions like which hair color to try, what lipstick shade to buy, and even the best haircut for you. So, why not apply that same logic to finding a scent that matches your (horoscope) personality?

From fan-favorites like Warm Vanilla Sugar to newer releases like Dahlia, we're taking you through the Bath & Body Works scents you should try out according to your zodiac sign ahead.

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