• This winter, there are a handful of new nail-art options to bring to the salon.
  • Three nail artists shared their predictions for the biggest winter nail designs.
  • No matter your style, you'll find a manicure that's perfect for you.

This year's biggest winter nail designs span more than just dark, moody colors and holiday-themed designs (although we guarantee you'll be seeing a lot of those, too). Instead, prepare to see some unconventional shapes, not-so-typical polish colors, and lots of glitter on your Instagram feeds and the fingertips of your favorite celebrities over the next few months.

Maybe it's all of the social media scrolling we've been doing as of late, or maybe it's because we want to start of 2022 with a bang, but this year's winter manicures will be unlike anything you've ever seen before. To get the scoop on what to expect out of this upcoming season, we talked to two experts from New York City's hottest nail salons, and they both agreed the styles dominating the winter trends will be all about pushing limits and getting creative.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to plan your next manicure appointment - or DIY nail session - as we break down the top winter winter nail-art trends for 2022.

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