• Bright hair color can suit almost any costume you have in mind.
  • For zero commitment, temporary hair dyes can either be washed out immediately or after a few washes.
  • Most temporary hair dyes can be sprayed or rubbed on your hair at a moment's notice.

We've looked into our crystal balls and seen that a Halloween full of vibrant colors will be the bright spot in a dim 2021. Even if not many people see your costume and makeup handiwork IRL this year, that doesn't mean it has to be any less magical, and hair color can be the visual cherry on top of whatever look you've dreamed up.

Lucky for all of us, Sephora has plenty of temporary hair dyes and glitters that have us practically tasting the rainbow. Whether you've got your eye on pink, purple, or even blue, these candy-colored hues can suit pretty much any costume you have in mind. Many of these wash out immediately, while others require a few shampoos . . . and there are even some options that can be sprayed or swiped on your hair at a moment's notice so you'll still be ready in case the spirit moves you on Oct. 31.

No tricks here, just the treats that are these temporary hair colors from Sephora ahead.

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