• Change up your look by trying a new winter hair color.
  • You'll find your perfect hair-color match based on your zodiac sign.
  • From classic hues to bolder hair-color shades, there's something for everyone.

If you were to ask a hairstylist when the best time is to dye your hair, many of them would say winter. That's not just because the cold-weather season is bursting with exciting new color ideas to try, but also because there are fewer external aggressors (think: sun, salt water, chlorine) that could ruin the color you just spent time and money on.

Even if you're someone who switches up your look often, the task of deciding your next big change is never an easy one. That's why if you're daring enough, we'd like to offer you a solution: let your zodiac sign determine your next winter hair color for you. No matter what hair-color trend you're matched with, you'll have an exciting new look to start off the season.

Between the classics, like glossy black and mushroom brown, and more unconventional hues, like pops of pink and deep maroon, there's something for every star sign ahead. So gather around, air signs, water signs, fire signs, and earth signs, because your perfect winter hair color awaits you ahead.

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