• You don't need an elaborate costume to have fun with your look on Halloween.
  • Some of the trendiest hairstyles make for good Halloween costumes all on their own.
  • Many of the styles are hairstylist-recommended and easy to recreate at home.

What if we told you that you can have fun with your look this Halloween simply with the hairstyle you choose to wear? For those of us who are last-minute planners (and who also aren't as skilled at elaborate, special-effects makeup), coming up with an Instagram-worthy Halloween costume can be quite the task. The good news is that there are tons of hairstyles out there that (in our humble opinions) can count as costumes all on their own. Butterfly clips as a Y2K costume, for instance, keep all of the attention on your hair for obvious reasons, while the retro hair flip will make you look like a '60s bombshell.

Now that spooky season has officially commenced, we put together a list of a handful of hairstyles - some of which are celebrity-hairstylist-recommended - that'll make the perfect additions to any plain Halloween costumes.

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