• Billie Eilish has two known tattoos: a dragon leg tattoo and fairy hand tattoo.
  • She debuted her latest, the hand tattoo, at a movie premiere.
  • The singer says the fairy design is from her favorite childhood book.

Billie Eilish hasn't always been open about her tattoo collection. For the longest time, she didn't show off her first tattoo and even went as far as saying fans would never see it, but that all changed with her June 2021 British Vogue cover. When the photos of the upcoming print issue were released in May, Eilish's previously secret dragon tattoo could be seen slithering up her thigh.

Since then, Eilish has added one confirmed new tattoo to her collection (although, given her ability to keep a secret, who knows how many designs she really has). It's a small fairy tattoo on her hand that she debuted at the world premiere of No Time To Die in London on Sept. 28. Both the dragon and fairy design have left us wondering: what do they mean? While Eilish has only shared the significance behind her latest body art recently, the meaning is quote special.

Ahead, get a closer look at Eilish's two known tattoos and their potential meanings.

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