There are a few things I know for certain about Harry Styles's tattoos: he has a lot of them, he probably has more than I even know about, and I don't know what most of them actually mean to him. The "Watermelon Sugar" singer has gotten a few pieces of ink on a whim - like "big" on his big toe - and a few sentimental things for family members. Some he even did himself! But why did he stamp a butterfly on his stomach? I don't know the answer to that question, and I may never know.

Styles doesn't speak about his tattoos often, yet he keeps doodling all over himself. He's got somewhere north of 60+ tattoos these days, and who knows what he'll get next. Ahead, I'm sharing the info I've collected on Harry's tattoos, but for the rest of them, we'll just have to admire them and their mystery. Also, while I did my best to be comprehensive, don't be mad if I missed one or three - he just has so many.

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