Combating acne and finding the right products can be a challenge, as I know from experience. After years of trial and error, I was eventually introduced to Drunk Elephant and fell in love with its hydrating serum. Since then, I've been a total convert, and I'm a fan of a number of the brand's bestsellers. I'm not alone, either; its massive following and ever-evolving product line are continuously growing. A number of my friends and coworkers often ask me about the brand and if it's worth trying. So if you're wondering the same, then you've come to the right place.

Ahead, I curated a list of a few of my absolute must haves in addition to some of its top-rated picks. I've tried almost every product in the line and been super impressed with the results. Keep reading to shop everything from its newest serum to its best body lotion - you won't regret it.

- Additional reporting by Sarah Siegel

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