If you were to ask me about the one makeup product I couldn't live without, my answer wouldn't be mascara. While many people consider it the easiest way to look put-together in a swipe, that just isn't the case for me. (I would pick bronzer if you're curious.) I have short, stubby lashes that stick straight out and are completely invisible if you're facing me head-on, so applying a layer of mascara just doesn't do much for me. I usually have to rely on a lengthening formula and my eyelash curler to really make a difference. Finding a mascara that meets all my criteria - curls without flaking, lengthens without clumping - has been difficult . . . until I tried the new Cover FX Power Flex Mascara ($24). It's giving my eyelash curler a run for its money.

While I've tested my fair share of mascaras across every budget, one thing about this product made it stand out immediately: the mascara wand. The applicator is definitely a game changer, and even the look of it is unlike anything I've seen before. When I opened the tube for the first time, I actually ran back to the recycling bin to grab the box it came in so I could read the directions and figure out how best to make my lashes pop. The wand is dual-sided - one side is a silicone comb and the other is a fiber brush - and when combined promises amazing results.

I didn't use an eyelash curler when I first tested out this mascara because I wanted to see if it worked on its own, and I'm here to report: it worked like a charm. To apply, I used the silicone-rowed comb to apply the mascara from the base of my eyelashes to the tips. This side is meant to lengthen and curl every hair for a separated effect. Then, I switched to the fiber-brush side, which is meant to give lashes a volume boost. To complete the process, I switched back to the silicone side and ran it through my lashes again, which helped me rake through any clumps.

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