You've probably experienced acne at one point or another in your life - be it in your teens, a bit later as an adult, only once a month during your period, or after forgetting to wash off your makeup at night. The fact of the matter is, acne is something around 85 percent of people ages 12 to 24 have dealt with, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. With that in mind, we could all use a good acne-fighting skin-care product or two - even if you only have to reach for it once in a blue moon.

The market is full of products that can help treat your specific type of breakout. From acne patches that suck the gunk out of pimples overnight to indulgent face masks that work double duty and cleansers that stop a breakout before it even happens, there's something for everyone - and every type of acne - out there.

If your acne presents itself in the form of blackheads, an exfoliating solution that you can use on your T-zone could be just the thing you need. For deep, painful cysts, a combination of a good face wash and a potent spot treatment can help clear up bumps. But the best products for acne-prone skin don't just address breakouts - they tackle the aftermath of them, too. This can include soothing acne inflammation, improving uneven texture, and fading hyperpigmentation from acne scars that stick around long after the pimple is gone.

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on products, either - there are options for acne-prone skin at the drugstore that work wonders on pimples, and we included them ahead. Keep scrolling to check out the best skin-care products for acne.

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