Anytime a film or television show's release gets as much hype as Marvel's Black Widow did this year, you can almost guarantee that a few of the characters will inspire a slew of Halloween costumes. Fighting crime may not come to you as easily as it does Scarlett Johansson and her costars in the movie, but the beauty of looking to these fictional characters for Halloween ideas is that you really don't have to work too hard so long as you can work your way around a braided hairstyle or colorful wig and have a few easy to find beauty products on hand.

Black Widow already caused a spike in popularity around the copper hair color this summer, and if you're someone who took part in the trend, then pulling off a Natasha Romanoff-inspired costume should be painless for you. Most of the other hairstyles in the film include braided updos and ponytails, and the coordinating makeup is simple and natural-looking. If you're looking for some Halloween costume inspiration to follow this year, read ahead for everything you need to copy the hairstyles featured in Marvel's Black Widow.

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