There's nothing like the thrill of hunting for a Halloween costume. Every year, there are a plethora of spooky looks to browse through and countless hair and makeup ideas to consider - not to mention, nail art ideas.

Getting your nails done to match your Halloween costume is the perfect way to add a little spice to your look and get in the holiday spirit. Not great at nail art? No problem - getting an intricate manicure is easy with pre-painted press-ons. Whether you've decided to go as a blood-hungry vampire or are simply wearing an orange sweater and claiming you're a pumpkin, press-on nails make your costume better in a flash without spending a ton of money. The extensions can add length if your natural nails or transform them from your usual shape to a spooky stiletto point.

The costume possibilities are endless with a quick trip to your local drugstore or beauty retailer. See for yourself ahead, and shop the best press-on nail kits for Halloween. (An added bonus? There's virtually no dry time.)

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