What a "good hair day" looks like is highly subjective depending on who you ask, but there's one thing just about everyone can agree on: the process of blow-drying it to get there is not exactly a fun time. That's why finding a great hair dryer that's quiet, reduces dry-time, and doesn't make it feel like you're doing an arm workout when using it can make all the difference in your overall styling experience.

Plus, high-quality hair tools can increase shine, smooth frizz (if that's the look your after), and get you out the door faster - all while working hard to protect hair from heat damage. So don't get stuck using the same old one you've had for years; instead, treat yourself to an upgrade.

To filter through the noise and find the best options out there, we asked beauty editors (and sourced the reviews from your favorite retailers) for insights on the best purchases on the market. Check out why these 11 hair dryers ended up on top.

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