Today's beauty trends serve as a very blunt reminder of how often history tends to repeat itself. Butterfly clips are in style again, shiny lip glosses are making a comeback, and pastel eyeshadows are slowly being resurrected and considered socially acceptable again. With this in mind, it's no wonder ColourPop is launching an all-new collection inspired by '90s and early-2000s beauty trends that have recently made their way back into the mainstream.

The brand's Y2K 4Ever collection officially launches on Aug. 12, and it's complete with three five-shade eyeshadow palettes, three lip glosses, three pastel-colored Super Shock Shadows, two highlighters, face crystals, and a set of butterfly clips. The full collection is now available to purchase at and you can snag each product for $10 or less. Check out the full range ahead.

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