I have pretty hearty, non-sensitive skin - meaning, I can use exfoliating acids, retinol, and seriously thick night creams without any irritation. Still, facial oils seem to be my skin's kryptonite. It's upsetting because I love the idea of them - they're just so luxurious - but the morning after using one, my pores are visibly clogged and my face just feels kind of dull.

And yet, because I am a beauty enthusiast, I keep putting myself through the morning disappointment, hoping that through trial and error, I will find the one oil that my skin actually enjoys - the just-right, not too heavy and not too serum-y diamond in the ruff that will have me waking up looking refreshed and renewed.

So after many harrowing years of searching, I'm incredibly excited to say that I finally found it from new skin-care brand Le Prunier.

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