Friday the 13th has become somewhat of an unofficial holiday in the tattoo community. On the "unluckiest" day of the year, people flock to tattoo parlors for limited-edition flash tattoos or a quick session at a discounted rate.

Getting a Friday the 13th tattoo can be the perfect opportunity to add a new, tiny piece of artwork to your collection. While some tattoo studios require you to get one of their premade designs, others allow you to bring your own ideas as long as it's small and isn't too time-consuming. Before you book your appointment, call your studio to determine its policy.

When it comes to Friday the 13th tattoos, you're not just limited to Halloween-esque decals or designs that incorporate the number 13 in them - although those are typically an option, too. Delicate skulls, tiny snakes, and adorable black cats also make for great choices. Where it goes on your body is completely up to you, so you can make your unlucky tat subtle - with placement on your torso, on your foot, or even behind your ear - or more noticeable, like on your forearm, wrist, or shoulder. Not only will you walk away with a new piece of ink, but it'll also have a pretty cool story behind it, and all of the best tattoos do.

With the next Friday the 13th falling on Aug. 13, it's time to think about the design you want to get this year. Start looking now with the cool Friday the 13th tattoo ideas we rounded up ahead.

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