If we've learned anything from Netflix's new reality series, Tattoo Redo, it's that tattoo blunders are a lot more common than you probably realize. The show follows five established tattoo artists who, in each episode, are tasked with taking some of their clients' most embarrassing and regrettable pieces of ink and transforming them into masterpieces with help from their loved ones. The episodes are currently captivating viewers because of their amazing tattoo transformations, though they also serve as an important reminder that maybe some things are better left . . . untouched.

So far, there have only been six episodes with three "redos" each, and even though it's been amazing to see each artist work their magic to give their clients' tattoos some fresh makeovers, we wouldn't be who we are if we didn't have a few favorites. Read ahead to check out some of the most impressive tattoo coverup from Tattoo Redo - and while you're at, go ahead and marathon through all the episodes if you haven't already.

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