We have some exciting news for the fans of Gilmore Girls: Ulta Beauty just released a beauty collection inspired by your favorite mother-daughter duo from Stars Hallow. The six-piece lineup looks like it was plucked straight out of Rory's Chilton school bag, complete with blue plaid and coffee cup-printed packaging.

The Ulta Beauty x Gilmore Girls collection includes a variety of gift sets filled with early 2000s-inspired shades like mauves, baby pinks, and soft browns that Lorelai would undoubtedly love. Yale's signature deep navy blue also pops up in the line, paying homage to Rory's school pride. There's a headband and scrunchie set to match Rory's Chilton uniform, a lip crayon kit that allows you to re-create Lorelai's moody red lip in a flash, and even a coffee-inspired bath set nestled in a white coffee cup from Luke's Diner. All of the products are priced between $14 to $20.

The nostalgia-packed collection is sure to sell out quickly, so we recommend you grab a cup of coffee and run to your nearest Ulta Beauty store - or shop it online, ahead. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go binge the series for the seventh time.

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