The conversation around eyebrows is divided: while some people love theirs to look full and bushy à la Cara Delevigne, others opt to keep them sharp and structured without a hair out of place. It's the never-ending "boy-brow" vs. "Insta-brow" debate. Whichever final result you prefer, there's no denying that you need some good eyebrow makeup on hand to pull it off.

From fine-tipped eyebrow pens that allow you to draw thin, hairlike strokes to powders that give you that naturally thick look, drugstores and prestige beauty retailers alike are filled with makeup options. We've asked POPSUGAR editors to share their go-to eyebrow makeup products, including brow gels that keep hair in place without flaking, pencils that fill in sparse areas, and pomades with high-impact pigment that won't fade for hours.

Check out the best eyebrow makeup, ahead.

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