Oh, so we're all dyeing our hair red now? Dua Lipa just debuted a new style for her Versace autumn/winter 2021 campaign shoot, joining a slew of celebrities who've also recently tried red on for size. While at first glance Lipa's fiery hair looks like a wig, designer Donatella Versace revealed the star actually changed up her look for the photo shoot. "She also trusted me when I asked her, she did not hesitate [to dye her hair]," Versace told WWD in a recent interview.

Though Lipa has sported red in the past - she went for the two-toned look while in lockdown, briefly adding strawberry red to her signature dark hair - the extra-bright shade, paired with long extensions and blunt clip-in bangs, is the most dramatic transformation we've seen yet from the singer. As Versace said, "fiery red is a symbol of passion and strength," and Lipa certainly embodies that description in her newest campaign. Ahead, get a closer look at her recent switch-up.

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