Hair removal is a personal choice, and if you're someone who chooses to be hairless - whether it's by way of shaving, waxing, lasering it off, etc. - the removal process can be daunting. Waxing is known for being a literal pain, and in some cases, can be damaging to the skin if done incorrectly; shaving, though convenient and painless, can often result in annoying ingrown hairs and razor burns; and laser hair removal, though effective for the most part, isn't exactly accessible or cost-effective for everyone.

Still, seasonal changes wait for no one, and now that summer is officially here, you might be looking for some quick, easy, and relatively pain-free ways to get rid of your new growth. No matter your method of choice, we've rounded up some of the best (editor-approved) hair-removal products you'll want to use all summer.

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